Some Genius Made A Video Of Obama Singing ‘Freak On A Leash’ After The President Name-Dropped Korn

The beef between Obama and nu-metal survivor Jonathan Davis of Korn has been an unlikely but very real one, with Davis last year labelling the President “an Illuminati puppet” while accusing him of using Miley Cyrus as a media puppet to distract people from “what’s going on” in the US.

Recently Obama appeared to patch things up by namedropping the rap-rock group. At a Medal Of Honour ceremony in November, Obama felt the need to clarify that he is “not the lead singer from Korn” in front of a room full of journalists after recalling a dream by a fallen soldier who imagined Davis at his hospital bedside. Davis later put political differences aside to admit that the shout-out was “really cool”.

But if Obama denies being the frontman of Korn then why is he singing ‘Freak On A Leash’ in this video? Yes, inevitably someone has mashed up clips of Obama’s speeches so it looks like he’s reciting the lyrics to the 1998 greebo classic.

Sit back and enjoy: