Somebody has made a Stranger Things wall that spells out messages and it’s amazing

From the Upside Down to one Reddit-er's living room

We’re a week away from Season 2 of Stranger Things airing, and fans’ excitement is kicking into overdrive. As viewing parties are planned and costumes are cobbled together, a select few are going the extra mile.

One viewer has decided that a mere outfit or binge watch isn’t enough, and has created the iconic wall of lights that Joyce uses to speak to her son missing son Will. But this wall isn’t just the pretty decoration we saw at every Halloween party last year – it can be used to spell out messages.

Posting his creation on reddit, the tech savvy creator Caleb Kussmaul has encouraged people to get involved. Kussmaul has also set up a live stream, so people can see the results of their messages; but the Internet has done what the Internet does, and a lot of the messages haven’t exactly been eloquently crafted rhetoric.


And if you’re feeling creative and have a bit (lot) of time on your hands, Kussmaul has shared some of the process so keen Stranger Things fans can make their own wall.

Your Halloween party just got a whole lot more awesome.

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