Someone Has, Of Course, Made A Mural Of Kanye Kissing Kanye In Sydney

“When you’re the absolute best,” Kanye West once said, “you get hated on the most.” It’s certain that the rapper is a divisive figure, so there’s no wonder he’s turned to self-love, referencing a popular meme and concluding that “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye” on latest album The Life of Pablo.

Now Australian graffiti artist Scott Marsh has paid tribute to Yeezy’s narcissism – which his fans adore and which drives his detractors nuts – with a mural painted on the side of Zigi’s Wine and Cheese Bar in the Chippendale area of Sydney.

Yep, that’s Kanye snogging Kanye. It’s based on a picture that went viral last year; the snap originally depicted him snogging wife Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Grammy Awards, though found internet infamy when some cad Photoshopped his head onto hers, so that he was smooching himself. This guy’s not a fan…

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Thing is, the Kanye mural kind of looks like ‘My God, Help me To Survive This Deadly Love’, the graffiti piece that has adorned the Berlin Wall since 1990, based on a photo of socialist politicians Leonid Brezhnev and Erick Honecker sharing more than a peck to mark the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic, no?

We’ll see if the Kanye mural shares the longevity of that piece, and become a pilgrimage for his fans. That lot loves a pilgrimage, as the popularity of his pop-up store in New York proved at the weekend. Anyway, let’s hope it fares better than the Kim Kardashian mural recently unveiled in Melbourne