Someone’s Made A GIF Of The Greatest Shot-By-Shot Simpsons Film References

The Simpsons is a pop-culture behemoth: not only has it influenced comedy, television and indeed the very lives we live today, but it also provides an ongoing homage to the media that has shaped our very world. Nice going, Matt Groening.

Although the show may not be the tour de force that it was during its golden era (that’s 1991-1999, no arguments), it continues to be an internationally-recognised authority on the matter of popular culture, which becomes particularly apparent when Simpsons fans come together online to honour the show’s genius.

The latest addition to the nostalgic reverence with which the long-running cartoon is continually treated to has come in this spectacular three-minute GIF, which has surfaced on Reddit in the past few days. The Simpsons writers are notorious movie buffs, going to painstaking detail to recreate and pay homage to a Netflix archive’s worth of classic film moments – from Psycho to The Godfather, Terminator to Pulp Fiction, they’ve all become immortalised in the four-fingered yellow universe.


With over 30 movie references featured here, it’s really only a snapshot of the very clever (and very numerous) references that have popped up across The Simpsons‘ 26 years on the air, but seeing them now paired next to their source material makes them all the more remarkable. Feast your eyes on this:

Source: EW

The GIF itself has been made from a video put together last month by Vimeo user Celia Gómez, whose painstaking edit has put a big smile on our face this morning.