Someone’s Made An Awesome-Looking Synth Module Out Of Lego

Rainy afternoons as a kid were great for one reason, and one reason only: Lego.

“Where’s the box of Lego?” you’d ask your mum, who in turn would sigh, knowing that you’d only make a giant, Lego-y mess by the end of the afternoon. But this wasn’t your thought process: no, there was a castle to build, a NASA spaceship to assemble, a self-created fantasy world to dive in and out of as the driving rain hammered relentlessly on the windows outside.

There’s little doubt that German lego enthusiast Daniel Müller shared this brick-y mentality, albeit to a rather more technological level – without resorting to the dark arts of Meccano, Müller decided to turn his Lego bricks into something that he could make conceivably make music from.


And so, after years of building, rebuilding and building again, he’s done just that: as evidenced on his stunning Flickr account, the German has managed to somehow construct a set of Lego-made and very authentic-looking synth modules that are designed (at least in theory) to be used in tandem with Doepfer units. And it’s probably the coolest thing that you’ll lay your eyes on today:

Although his creations are yet to work properly with said synths – although some of the knobs can be turned, and the module itself could be used as a blank panel – it’s surely only a matter of time before Müller cracks the code, makes music, and set out on a Lego-branded DJ tour.

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