Someone’s Worked Out How Many People Are Alive In The Walking Dead Universe

The Walking Dead phenomenon has swept across the globe in its five-and-a-half years on the air, glueing viewers to their seats like with its gripping portrayal of a zombie apocalypse ravaging America’s South.

As with all good zombie fiction, The Walking Dead succeeds by presenting a plausible universe out of a seemingly implausible situation: the world of the show, with its cars, denim jeans and RPGs, is one that we recognise, but it’s a world that’s been horrifyingly decimated by the outbreak of an extinction-threatening virus, prompting your average Walking Dead fan to think, “Shit, would I survive in this fucked-up world?”


Well, as it turns out, the odds of you making it to the show’s current base in Alexandria are pretty slim. Thanks to The Walking Dead‘s fans’ thirst for knowledge about every nook and cranny of the show’s self-created universe, there now exists an approximate, post-zombie global population figure for the internet to argue about.

The latest fan theory has gone to many, many mathematical (and a fair few presumptive) pains to figure out just how many people are alive in The Walking Dead‘s (and its embryonic spin-off Fear The Walking Dead) zombiefied world, and the answer, it turns out, is rather low – about 382,000 from a global population of nearly 7 billion, to be precise.

So it’s over to Matt Lieberman over at SourceFed’s dedicated ‘NERD’ YouTube channel to expound upon his estimation of the number of people still alive’n’kicking with the likes of Rick, Michonne and (somehow) Carl on The Walking Dead – consider it your Monday afternoon maths lesson.

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