‘Sometimes I look at food the way Adele looks at Beyoncé’: The internet reacts to the Grammys 2017

There was a lot to have an opinion on, from Adele to Rihanna

So that’s the Grammys over for another year. With all the awards handed out, performances done and tearful speeches given, now all that’s left to do is let the internet dissect, analyse and react to the night’s events. From the reactions so far, we’d expect a lot of Blue Ivy memes on your timelines before Monday is through. Here’s what the world is saying about the Grammys 2017 right now.

There were a lot of feels around Adele’s Beyoncé-praising speech

She was only saying what we were all thinking, after all.




The obituaries montage left out one person…

Christina Grimmie, who was murdered outside a venue in Orlando last year, was absent from the ceremony’s remembrance section.

People thought Rihanna should have least won something

And we’d agree – ‘Anti’ surely deserved at least one award out of the eight categories she was nominated for?


There was a lot of love for Bruno Mars’ Prince tribute

In which he showed he can nail a killer guitar solo in his sleep. Who knew?!

Gaga and Metallica’s performance had people angry…

Because Metallica weren’t actually included in the introduction. To make matters worse, James Hetfield’s microphone then didn’t work.

But some people found some enjoyment in it all

Gaga’s fans at least seemed happy with her finding her inner rock demon.

Adele’s George Michael tribute was almost headed for disaster

But everyone seemed to appreciate and understand her brave decision to start it all again.


Chance The Rapper got all the praise (and awards) he deserved

The Chicago artist picked up three trophies on the night, plus put in an incredible performance, and the internet could not have been happier.

Blue Ivy was the real winner of the night

From her Prince suit to her adorable response to Beyoncé’s performance, Blue Ivy stole everyone’s hearts any time the camera landed on her.

And Twenty One Pilots had people feeling confused

How should you feel when you’re watching someone accept an award in their pants?