Somewhere Back In Time – NME At The Iron Maiden Film Premiere

West London saw an invasion of double denim and ass-length hair yesterday as the Iron Maiden show rolled into town. NME’s resident metaller Metal Rob (who also makes this whole website work, no mean feat) and I rocked up to investigate – walking down Kensington High Street on the lookout for Eddie. When we found the animatronic monster he was surrounded by a horde of Maiden-teed fans gibbering at the prospect of a glimpse of their heroes, including my friend Carlos, who had been there for two hours already.

Iron Maiden premiere

While media outlets from around the world started setting up and elbowing each other out of the way we did what any self-respecting NME journo should do and asked the guy in newsagents for the nearest pub. Of course he directed us to the very same boozer that Maiden and all their entourage were starting the evening. Among the band, crew, management and some Wildensteinesque looking ladies we sunk a few ciders. See if you can spot barefoot drummer and comedian Nicko or the rest of the band (Steve Harris was in the Bahamas).

Maiden pub

Back at the carpet and after wrestling a Turkish TV crew out of the way we took our spot.

In true film premiere style they allowed five minutes for the 15-odd film crews to share, which meant two presenters (the hot ones) got a look in while the rest hijacked their interview.

Inside the Odeon and once the crew monkeys had stopped chanting “You’re shit, and you know you are” (an in-joke from the film) lead singer and pilot Bruce Dickinson stepped to the stage for an introduction.

So what’s the film like? In the words of one of our cameramen, Metal Nigel, “It shits on Anvil like great flames from hell.” The general premiere is tonight, at 450 cinemas in 42 countries. And why the hell not?