Son of A Diddily! There’s A Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Called Okilly Dokilly

Ever listened to metal and thought it was missing a little je ne sais quoi? Something that you just couldn’t put a (left-handed) finger on, despite consulting your best neighbourinos? Well, fear not, your prayers have been answered in the form of Okilly Dokilly – the world’s first Ned Flanders-themed metal band.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the group only formed last month, but they’ve already got the concept fully nailed. First there’s their new genre: Nedal (aka Ned metal). Then there’s their individual names: Head Ned, Red Ned, Bled Ned, Thread Ned and, er, Stead Ned (who, presumably, drew the short straw). And finally the crowning glory, the costumes: five identical Ned outfits, complete with glasses and lip warmer (see above).

At the moment, the band are oddly writing about non-Ned topics, but here’s hoping Okilly Dokilly will pen a tune about the perils of the devil’s music and a lament for the late Maude Flanders soon.