Song Stories: Big Narstie On How He Wrote ‘BDL Skank’

Kaboomsquad! Brixton rapper Big Narstie tells us where he found the creativity behind his new song 'BDL Skank'. Clue: it came from a Tesco bag full of weed.

Big Narstie is a great and funny man, no doubt. The south London rapper has been on the grime scene for a decade, releasing a slew of killer mixtapes (including 2008’s ‘What’s The Story Brixton Glory Part 1’, which quite literally features a track that samples the classic Oasis song). He’s become a famous guy on the internet, too, thanks to ‘Uncle Pain’, the enjoyable YouTube series that sees him act as an agony uncle for his fans. He also recently appeared alongside Jodie Marsh and Richard Blackwood in the film Gangsters Gamblers and Geezers, though it was tragically awarded one star in The Guardian.

He’s currently working on a new album, which may feature a song with Robbie Williams, as the two revealed they were in the studio together over summer. When that song is released, the world will become a brighter place. In the meantime, we’ve got the excellent, excellent ‘BDL Skank’, a track with an accompanying dance routine that history will file alongside ‘The Macarena’. We met up with Narstie in a warehouse in east London, where he was shooting the video for the song. After smoking what can only be described as “quite a lot of weed”, he told us how it all came about.