Song Stories: Editors on their long-lost single ‘Magazine’

Tom Smith reflects on his new song's long history

Editors‘ brand new single ‘Magazine’ was originally intended to be included on their fourth album, but creative differences ended up costing the band guitarist Chris Urbanowicz and as collateral damage, the song was laid aside indefinitely.

Frontman Tom Smith explains: “‘Magazine’ was written after ‘In This Light and On This Evening’ when the band were writing songs for album four, but in that time things kind of fell apart for us, we’d never managed to get it to work with the old line-up and since then it’s kind of been on the backburner. Maybe it’s because it’s a song we had around when things were falling apart was a reason to not go back to it, but for whatever reason with this set of songs and at this time I went back and gave it some time – and I rejigged the chorus slightly. It clicked into place again.”

Maybe the intervening years have increased its lyrical impact: as Smith explains, “It’s kind of poking a finger at a corrupt figure of power. It’s tongue in cheek, there’s not a specific person I’m thinking about when I’m singing it but it’s those empty postures and posturing that goes on, be it in big business or politics.”