Song Story: how Marmozets wrote ‘Major System Error’

How the band wrote the banger.

It’s fair to say not many banging songs come out phone calls to the bank. Then again, not many people are as wildly creative as Bingley rockers Marmozets, who were in the studio with their producer made a phone call to the suits. They overheard him talking about the fact that there’d been “a major system error” on his account and canny guitarist Jack Bottomley jotted down the phrase, which just so happened to fit the chorus he was working on. The result, improbably, is a snarling, haunting rock track that finds the band on unstoppable form. No feature for Howard from the Halifax ads, though.

Elsewhere in this Song Story – the series in which artists reveal the inner-workings between some of their most memorable works – Jack and Becca discuss the bad case of “demoitis” they caught with ‘Major System Error’, as they were convinced they wouldn’t be able to recreate the energy of the scrappy early take on a wider scale. Luckily for us, they were wrong – dead wrong! – and the resulting video is a striking, moody, black-and-white beauty that, as it turns out, is inspired by the TV show Fargo. From great telly to chats with the bank, this lot find inspiration in all corners.