30 sleep-inducing songs for insomniacs

Can't sleep? Give this soporific playlist a spin

If you’re having trouble sleeping, music could be the cure – literally. Ask any science person worth their salt about barriers to sleep, and they’d probably tell you about a stress hormone called noradrenaline. This is something that increases “vigilance and alertness” – a good thing, in waking hours – but too much of the stuff can lead to stress. And if you’ve got too much noradrenaline floating about your system, you won’t be able to sleep.

Luckily, listening to relaxing music for 45 minutes before you go to bed has been scientifically proven to reduce your noradrenaline levels. A 2008 study by a psychologist called Laszlo Harmat found that music “significantly improved sleep quality”, and also reduced depressive symptoms significantly. Dreamy.

The team here at NME HQ has put together a playlist of beautifully chilled songs to play before sleep, and there’s a lot to love in there: some laid-back electronica from Glaswegian composer C Duncan; serene guitar mastery from Nick Drake; beautiful hip-hop from Kendrick Lamar; shimmering indie from The Maccabees; and glorious Americana from The War on Drugs.

Check out the playlist on Apple Music or listen via the Spotify embed below.

30 Beautifully Soporific Songs for Insomniacs

A playlist featuring C Duncan, Cigarettes After Sex, Ben Howard, and others

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