Songs you love by bands you hate

The readers of NME have voted. These are your guilty pleasures.

There are just some bands that you truly despise; but then, against your better you “accidentally” hear a track from an old album or a rare B side and you…actually love it? It’s those moments that change everything you thought you knew about yourself (or, being less melodramatic, your music taste). We asked you on Twitter what songs you love against your better judgement – and here’s what you said.

Coldplay – ‘Viva La Vida’

There was a lot of one song love for Coldplay on the list. People hated to love ‘The Scientist’, ‘Clocks’, their first three albums…but it’s got to be the baroque pop banger ‘Viva La Vida’ that came out on top. Maybe it’s time everyone stopped trying to be cool embrace Coldplay? Although that wouldn’t be half as fun…

The 1975 – ‘Medicine’


“Really can’t stand The 1975, but Medicine is a good song” wrote one person on Twitter. And we can’t deny that, the glitzy 6-minute opus from Zane Lowe’s rescore of ‘Drive’ is a bit of an epic.

Limp Bizkit – ‘Rollin”

The nu metal Floridians may not be for everyone; but you know that if ‘Rollin” comes on at Propaganda you’ll be straight on the dance floor. In the words of Fred Durst himself: “keep on rollin’, baby.”

ABBA – ‘Fernando’

“It’s so gloriously campy” wrote one of our voters. A niche choice of favourite ABBA track, maybe. But is it absolutely fantastic? Definitely.

Maroon 5 – ‘This Love’


Before Adam Levine had moves like Jagger and Maroon 5 were teaming up with Wiz Khalifa and Future, there came their sleeper hit debut album ‘Songs About Jane’, which featured absolute bop ‘This Love’, one song that people can’t help but love.

The Libertines – ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ is an incredible song. Telling the story of the fractious relationship between Carl and Pete, and sung to each other, it rivals ABBA or Fleetwood Mac in the fucked-up band dynamic stakes.

Sugababes – ‘Overload’

Over on Twitter Jamie described the SB’s debut single as a “fucking tune”. He’s not wrong.

Nickelback – ‘How You Remind Me’

A common choice were the divisive Nickleback. People secret love ‘Photograph’ and ‘Rockstar‘; but the winner for reluctant adoration was ‘How You Remind Me’. “I really, really like that song and I really shouldn’t admit that on the internet but there it is.” said Zoe. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it between me and you. And the readers of NME.

Razorlight – ‘Golden Touch’

“Can’t stand that vain fooker but man, what a tune” tweeted Mia. NME’s Charlotte Gunn had this as her ringtone for the entirety of University (and now never wants to hear it again).

The Cure – ‘Pictures Of You’

Apparently some people really hate The Cure. Not really sure who or what those people are. BUT ‘Pictures Of You’ is one even the strange haters can get behind.

Oasis – ‘Wonderwall’

A bold statement, but Carola only likes ‘Wonderwall’ by the mighty Oasis. Probably their worst song. As she was x

Radiohead – ‘Fake Plastic Trees’

Thom and the lads aren’t for everyone, but whatever you think, it’s hard to deny that ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ doesn’t make you cry a little bit each time you hear it.

The Smiths – ‘This Charming Man’

A bold choice from Alfred here, but he isn’t wrong ‘This Charming Man’ is ace. If only Morrissey wasn’t so problematic.

There we have it, NME readers not-so-guilty pleasures. What’s yours?