Welcome to planet earth: the songs you’d play to greet a martian, as voted by NME readers

"Take us to your leader"

Picture this: the year’s 2053, we finally have flying car, our cities now look like something out of Blade Runner and humans have now been inhabiting Mars for a decade; but as our technology continues to evolve and your aunt Susie goes planet-hopping for her latest singles holiday, the developments of the human race have caught the eye of our fellow inhabitants of the Milky Way: that’s right, the aliens are here, and they wanted to know what’s most played on your Spotify.

Over on NME Twitter we asked you, if an alien came to earth, what would be the first song that you played them. And the answers have been plentiful, and incredibly varied. From Class A bangers, to total heroes; here are some of the best songs you’d welcome people to planet earth with.

There were the classics:

The questionable:

And the downright scathing:

And then there were the sensible options – it’s important to avoid becoming slaves to our new alien overlord y’know!

And the tactical:

But there was one artist that reigned supreme: the OG Starman, David Bowie.

So when the aliens do come to Earth, even if they are invading, at least they can rest assured that they’ll have a banging playlist to do it to.