Soundtrack Of My Life: Dick & Dom


The first song I remember hearing

DICK: Paul McCartney and Wings – ‘Band On The Run

“My dad used to play it on tape in our Ford Cortina when we were going down from Sheffield. I didn’t know what the hell it was.”

DOM: Madness – ‘Wings Of The Dove’

“My mum and dad are a bit posh, so they used to listen to a lot of classical music. But I have three older brothers and my eldest brother Tim – about 10 years older than me – was listening to Madness round the time that I was suddenly using my ears. I would have heard this in his room.”

The first album I owned

DICK: New Order – ‘Substance’

Dick: “My favourite band of all time. I hadn’t really found my style of music at the time, but one of my brother’s friends gave me the cassette and I popped it in and thought: ‘Woah, hold on a minute, I quite like this’. That eventually got me into dance music and then I got into the rave scene. I’ve listened to New Order ever since.”

DOM: The Cult – ‘Electric’

“Rich was listening to more grown-up electronic alternative dance while I was listening to alternative rock. Me and my three brothers also formed a band and I was a drummer. So rock was my main thing.”

Dick: “But then when you met me you got into dance. We used share a flat and have decks in there and mix progressive trance music.

Dom: “It was around the time Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyke were kinda big.”

The song that reminds us of meeting each other

Age Of Love – ‘Age Of Love’

Dick: “That’s a really good one. But Dom left my vinyls in the sun and ‘Age Of Love’ was the only one that got warped, so I don’t have the original of it any more…”

Dom: “I didn’t actually leave it outside in the sun, it was inside, but it was a very old conservatory window and it just heated it up beautifully and made it all wobbly.”

The First Gig I Went To

DICK: The Hitman And Her

“Really random. It was in a nightclub in Sheffield called The Roxy. It wasn’t a very credible gig to go to as I think there was Jason Donovan on and Kylie Minogue and things like that, on but I was only like 12 at the time.”

Dom: The Commitments

“Mine was equally weird. They started touring shortly after the movie and I was obsessed with that movie cause I thought all that Motown, Soul music was brilliant. So I went to see them in The Plaza in Exeter and they were brilliant! They were really really good. There weren’t many of the cast there, there were a few, but enough to call themselves The Commitments still.”

The song that reminds us of Da Bungalow

Motorhead – ‘Ace of Spades’

Dom: “Without a doubt. We used to have a massive pie fight at the end of each episode of …da Bungalow and that tune used to come on and it just summed up that whole weird 5 years.”

Dick: “We still use that song to this day. We do a live festival show and at the end we have a massive food fight and we use that tune still.”

Dom: “Actually NME did a really nice piece about da Bungalow about 14 years ago now. I think it was a Christmas special. We gave an NME Award away to Graham Coxon as well.”

Dick: “And on that same night I personally won my own award in the magazine after, before it was even online, for the most drunk person at the award ceremony.

Dom: “I fell down the stairs leaving because it was a big staircase in Hammersmith and I just couldn’t walk very well but Rich actually fell asleep on the sofa!”

Dick: “And somebody woke me up by just screaming ‘Bogies!’ right in my face.”

Dom: “So Rich won the award. Well done, Dickie.”

The song I do at karaoke

Sir Mack Rice- ‘Mustang Sally’

Dick: “It just kind of works ’cause I’m not a very strong singer, but that one you can kind of grunt, you know? Give a bit of that.”

Dom: “I can’t bear karaoke. If I go anywhere near it, I’ll just leave.”

Dick: “I sometimes go into those Japanese karaoke places at one in the morning.”

Dom: “On his own. Loves karaoke that much.”

The song that makes me dance

Anything on Leftfield’s ‘Leftism’

Dom: “That is a belting album”

Dick: “We’ve had a lot of good nights out in Ibiza so we like a bit of house music. We can’t really do that anymore ’cause now we’re totally recognisable together – the last time we did it, we were in filming in Canada.”

The song I want played at my funeral

Monty Python – ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’

Dom: “I’m sure it’s quite a popular one, isn’t it?”

Dick: “Agreed! We did Spamalot and played King Arthur and Patsy and that was Dom’s big number. And Eric Idle came to the show and that was the one show Dom got the words wrong. In front of Eric Idle!”

Dom: “Which was great. I was just so nervous. And John Du Prez who did all the music for Python, he was there as well. So that’s great.”

The song that makes me want an ice cream

Dom: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- ‘Summertime’

“That’s a ’90s lolly-licker song. Ice cream-licker, sorry. Not lollies.”

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