Soundtrack Of My Life: Huw Stephens

VO5 NME Awards host and Radio 1’s new music champion

The first song I fell in love with

Queen – ‘Radio Ga Ga’
“This was on the ‘Live At Wembley’ album that came out when I was five. I remember hearing about Freddie Mercury on the news and this live album just sounded amazing. Everything musical belonged to my sisters at this point, as I have three who are older than me.”

The first song I remember hearing


The Housemartins – ‘Caravan Of Love’
“This is an a capella cover by the band featuring Norman Cook – AKA Fatboy Slim – and Paul Heaton, who went on to form The Beautiful South. This stands out as 
an early memory, as 
my older sisters were really into them.”

The song I do at karaoke

Beastie Boys – ‘Intergalactic’
“‘Hello Nasty’ was a 
big album for me – it all sounded so incredible. I’d listen to their rhymes and tightness over and over, and the production is awesome. I loved their humour and playfulness.”

The first album I 
ever bought

Crowded House – ‘Together Alone’
“I bought this on the big supermarket shop with my mum, on cassette. Supermarkets were the ultimate hipster spots – they had cassette charts! This Australian band wrote some beautiful, melodic songs and 
I thought they were the coolest people, along with Alanis Morissette, 
in the whole world.”

The first gig I went to


Bon Jovi  – Cardiff Arms Park
“A boiling hot day in 
June. Support from ’80’s legends Van Halen. Bon Jovi wore leather trousers, so to me they looked like 
a rock band. They even did a secret gig on 
Queen Street in town 
on the bandstand 
before the main event. 
All very exciting.”

The song that makes me dance

Meic Stevens – ‘Y Brawd Houdini’
“This is a Welsh classic and Meic was friendly with Jimi Hendrix back 
in the day. It’s Welsh Language Music Day on February 10 so I’ll be playing this loud.”

The song I can no longer listen to

Daft Punk- ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’
“I downloaded an app to learn how to play this song yourself. I love Daft Punk, but I’ve played this so many times myself, pretending to be them.”

The song that reminds me of home

Colorama – ‘Dere Mewn’
“This is a song about going home, and it’s the most laid-back, melodic and beautiful song. It 
was produced by Edwyn Collins. Colorama’s 
music is very special.”

The song 
I can’t get out of my head

Jain – ‘Makeba’
“Jain is French, toured with Christine And The Queens, and found these wonderful samples to sing over. This is a real earworm, so when I play it on my radio show it’s properly lodged in my head all night.”

The song that changed my life

Tystion – ‘Gwyddbwyll’
“This is a Welsh rap track that I heard when I was 15. It woke me up to the possibilities of music. 
You didn’t have to be in 
a band that went through the motions, you could sing in your own language and reflect your life, not just some stereotype.”