Soundtrack Of My Life: Joe Cole

Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders star

The first album I ever bought

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP

“My mate’s dad bought it for me from HMV. I remember listening to it on repeat. I was in secondary school. I guess it was just the rebellious nature of it, I felt like it was very emotive and it actually brought out quite a lot of feeling in me, which obviously translates into what I’m doing now. I’m a big fan of lyrics – lyrics are the thing that move me in certain ways. When you have trials and tribulations as a youngster… that album did make some of that stuff go away in a strange sort of way.”

The first song I remember hearing


Petula Clark – ‘Downtown’

“We had a teacher at my primary school who used to play it every single day in our class and I suppose, looking back, it was like a mini ep of Black Mirror. Maybe he was trying to send us all mental, but he used to play this song every single day and every kid in our class in primary school knew the words. I think he did it with every class.”

The song that reminds me of starting out in acting

Devlin – ‘Life’s F**ked Up’

“When I first started acting I was actually working with the National Youth Theatre in London, doing anti-knife crime workshops, so I was listening to a lot of music that was around us all the time, around the guys I was working with, and the kids – lots of young grime artists from London. And this song I listened to a lot – I was maybe trying to channel something when I first started out, trying to attack the industry from a slightly different angle.”

My favourite song from the Peaky Blinders soundtrack


Ane Brun – ‘All My Tears’

“At the end of season two, when Tommy Shelby’s [Cillian Murphy] about to be shot and then he climbs out of his own grave and walks away – I thought that whole sequence was beautifully done by everyone involved. The music was just the icing on the cake in that particular moment.”

The song that makes me want to dance

Chic – ‘Good Times’

“I saw them at Glastonbury last year and that was definitely a highlight. That’s one that always gets me up on my feet, and it takes a lot sometimes.”

The first gig I went to


“I would have been about 15. It was at Earl’s Court in London, we had standing tickets – it was me and a few of my really close mates. We had seats, but we jumped the barriers into the standing area and ran and got involved in all the commotion that was going on. That was a special one.”

The song that reminds me of Black Mirror

The Smiths – ‘Panic’

“‘Hang The DJ’, the episode I’m in, is named after a lyric in this song. When I got the script, the first thing I did was Google ‘Hang The DJ’. I thought it was some phrase I just wasn’t aware of, but then I realised it was this song, and what this song meant to Charlie Brooker.”

The song I can’t get out of my head

J Hus – ‘Did You See’

“That phrase about the Benz – I can’t get it out of my head for some reason, even though I’ve never driven a black Benz or a white Benz. Maybe one day.”

The song I want played at my funeral

Joe Cole & friends  – ‘I Am From Kingston’

“We wrote a song, me and a few friends. The lyrics go: ‘We’ll all get high and we’ll probably all die young / And as long as you’re with me I’ll be feeling alright‘… There’s many rap verses. I won’t go into it now.”