Soundtrack Of My Life: Ozzy Osbourne

It’s the Prince of Darkness, of course

The Best Song To Play At A Halloween Party
Rick Astley – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’
“That’s kind of a difficult question; I don’t really know, whatever you f**king want to play. I met him one time and he was alright. He was a bit like a kid, do you know what I mean?”

The Best Band My Kids Introduced Me To
“My son loves this band. I don’t mind them. They came round my house a couple of times. But to be honest with you, some bands will come up to me and say, ‘If it wasn’t for Sabbath, I wouldn’t be doing this’. Then I hear them and think, ‘What the f**k are you doing?’. It’s just that growling rock sh*t, do you know what I mean? There’s no real threat to it.”


The Song That Reminds Me Of Home
Paul & Paula – ‘Hey Paula’
“When this song came out I had a crush on a chick at school so I still get all melancholy when I hear it today. I ran into the same chick years later and found out that she wasn’t into guys so I never had a chance. At school I would have died twice to be with her.”

The Scariest Song Ever Written
Black Sabbath – ‘Black Sabbath’
“When we started gigging way back when, as soon as we started playing this song’s opening chords, young girls in the audience would f**king freak out. They thought we were Satan’s f**king friends or something. That’s when the whole Prince of Darkness sh*t started. When people get excited about Halloween coming around each year, all I think is, ‘Well, we used to have Halloween every f**king night!’”

The Song I Can No Longer Listen To
Mungo Jerry – ‘In The Summertime’
“We played a festival with them once and they stole the whole day. But when this song came out, they played it on the radio over and over again for f**king ever. I liked it at first but I f**king hate it now. The same thing happened with ‘I Got U Babe’ with Sonny & Cher.”


The Song I Want Played At 
My Funeral
The Beatles
 – ‘A Day In The Life’
“I really need a few more years to think this over, but probably something from ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ or ‘Revolver’. I definitely don’t want my f**king greatest hits album – I never ever play that thing, I’m f**king embarrassed about it. And I definitely don’t want a f**king happy song – I’m dead.”

The Song That Made Me Want To Be A Rock Star
The Beatles – ‘She Loves You’
“I come from the backstreets of Aston in Birmingham and it wasn’t a very cool place when I was growing up. I used to sit on my doorstep and think, ‘How the hell am I going to get out of here?’ And then one day ‘She Loves You’ came on the radio. That song turned my head around. My son always says to me, ‘What was it like when The Beatles happened?’ All I can really say to him to is: ‘Imagine going to bed in one world, and then waking up in another that’s so different and exciting that it makes you feel glad to be alive.’”

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