Soundtrack Of My Life: Shane Richie

Entertainer and EastEnder

The first song I remember hearing

The Osmonds – ‘Crazy Horses’

“I remember going to school and everyone making that synth noise from it – I’d never heard that before. I had no idea they were a load of brothers, it just sounded like a heavy rock song to me. It was the first of its kind because it was a song about climate change.”

The first song I fell in love with


The Jam – ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight’

“It just felt like poetry, but he was talking about being in the Tube station! It was genius. That was my life – I grew up in Harlesden.”

The song I do at karaoke

Kenny Loggins – ‘Footloose’

“It’s guaranteed that everyone will sing along. And no matter how pissed you are, you can somehow get away with it. We used to do karaoke every Sunday at my house with the family. My brother-in-law’s an Elvis impersonator and he comes round and re-enacts the whole of the 1972 Vegas concert.”

The first album I bought


Dean Friedman – ‘“Well, Well,” Said The Rocking Chair’

“There was a song on the album called ‘Shopping Bag Ladies’ about a woman who was destitute, and it was the first time I heard the word ‘b*****d’ being sung. It was beautiful and I’ve had a love affair with Dean Friedman ever since. I’ve still got that on vinyl. It felt special because nobody else had heard it – everyone else was into Bowie!”

The song that changed my life

Spandau Ballet – ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’

“I was buying Smash Hits magazine and I saw these guys dressing like poets and vagabonds. I said, ‘Someone get me a tablecloth! I’m having this.’ I was dressing like someone out of a novel, getting flowery blouses from second-hand stores.”

The song that made me want to perform

The Dubliners – ‘Black Velvet Band’

“My dad used to run clubs in London so I used to hear a lot of Irish songs. I remember getting up as a kid and singing ‘Black Velvet Band’ with the Irish bands. I’d help out collecting glasses and setting the bands up.”

The song that reminds me of home

DMX – ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya’

“My kids are in charge of the music at home. I’ll tell you what, my son found this song recently by DMX, and it’s all effing and jeffing – I said, ‘We’re not having this, it’s disgusting!’”

The song that makes me want to dance

The Jam – ‘Town Called Malice’

“I go right back to when I was at school, where you dance by pursing your lips and staring ahead. You wouldn’t move your arms that much. It was as close as possible as you got to being a mod.”

The song I want played at my funeral

“One of the tracks from my new album! My wife will go, ‘I can’t believe it, he’s dead and he’s still plugging the new album!’”

Shane Richie’s album ‘A Country Soul’ is out now


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