Soundtrack Of My Life: Tulisa

Pop’s biggest badass on the songs that shaped her life.

The song I want played at my funeral

Meredith Brooks – ‘Bitch’

“The concept sounds like me – it’s about the yin and yang of character. I just think it would be quite comical if that was the first thing you heard at my funeral – ‘Tulisa wanted this played for you all’ – and they’d all be sitting down crying, then they’d all be bursting out laughing. Sounds like a party.”

The song that makes me dance

Blinkie – ‘Don’t Give Up (On Love)’


“I just love everything about it. I’ve always really been big on my dance music, my house music, my old-school garage. That’s what I listen to more than anything else. I really like dancey beats and this brings back that real old-school vibe. Think Ibiza, summertime…”

The song I do at karaoke

No Doubt – ‘Don’t Speak’

“I’m a karaoke fan – it’s just finding somewhere because I’m afraid to do karaoke and then everyone says: ‘I swear that’s that girl.’ I’d feel like a t**t and someone would say: ‘Looking for attention, are you love?’ But at home it’s karaoke every night in my house.”


The song I can no longer listen to

Tulisa – ‘Sight Of You’

“Funnily enough, one of my own. ‘Sight Of You’ reminds me of a dark period in my life. So when I hear it I literally have to go: ‘Get it off, get it off, it doesn’t exist!’”

The first gig I went to


Michael Jackson – Wembley Stadium

“I saw him live on the HIStory tour, where he stormed on stage with the rocket. He was all dressed in gold. I was so young, my auntie took me and I burst into tears. I’ve never been in such an environment. It was like watching magic come to life. Basically, it was the best experience ever.”


The first song I fell in love with

Cher – ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’

“I remember hearing my mum sing it when she was cooking. She’s got this really powerful, belting voice and she used to knock it out.”

The first album I bought

Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’

“I was obsessed. I started with Michael Jackson, then it was the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. Then all of a sudden my style in music changed and it was Eminem. I just became obsessed with him. I thought I was going to marry him. I would have got it at HMV in Camden.”

The First Song I Remember Hearing

Judy Garland – ‘Meet Me In St Louis, Louis’

“My mum used to sing 1940s music with her sisters – all the old-school classics. I used to sing it with them at Christmastime when we’d have family gatherings. We’d all find our harmony. I’d partner up with my mum and we’d do a little duet.”