Soundtrack Of My Life: Freddie Flintoff

Cricket legend and all-round excellent man talks dancing naked to Johnny Cash and doing karaoke to Boyzone

The song I do at karaoke
Elvis Presley – ‘In The Ghetto’
“Back in the day we used to do karaoke every Friday in Preston. We all used to meet in the social club, have a few pints and then do a pub crawl. My all-time low was singing Boyzone’s ‘Father And Son’. I thought it was good at the time, but looking back it was a mistake.”

The song that reminds me of being England captain
Johnny Cash – ‘Ring Of Fire’
“We were in India and I had to give all these team talks. I was bored of my own voice, to be honest. On the final day, we came off at lunchtime. We were hot and sweaty. I had a shower, came in and had nothing to say to the lads. But then I put on ‘Ring Of Fire’ and started singing and dancing naked. One by one, all the lads started singing, dancing and jumping around. We quickly got dressed, went out that afternoon and beat India.”

The first gig I went to
Oasis – Maine Road, Manchester, 1996
“I was playing for Lancashire and they got a load of tickets for the team. Somehow I managed to get my hands on one, even though I was such a junior player. Noel Gallagher was amazing. It was probably the best gig I’ve ever been to.”

The first song I fell in love with
Paul Weller – ‘Broken Stones’
“I’d left home, I lived in a house in Manchester and I remember playing it over and over again. I loved it. I worked behind the record counter at Woolworths when ‘Stanley Road’ came out. I saw Paul Weller live a few times at the Apollo in Manchester. I actually met him, which was nice. I was starstruck inside, but I kept it cool.”

The song I can’t get out of my head
Beyoncé – ‘Hold Up’
“I really don’t like myself for it. It’s that Beyoncé thing – that one that goes, ‘Waahh…’ My daughter listens to it in the house. She’s going to see her, actually. Am I going with her? It’s not for me – she’s going with her mum.”

The song that makes me dance
Black Box – ‘Ride On Time’
“I’m not much of a dancer, I’m more of a foot tapper. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and danced a lot because my daughter’s 12. She was dragging me on the dancefloor every two minutes, which was good because it meant I didn’t have to speak to people. I could just dance.”

The song I want played at my funeral
Oasis – ‘Half The World Away’
“I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t really organised it. But I love this song – it opens my favourite TV show of all time, The Royle Family. It’s quite fitting, ‘I would like to leave this city,’ you know, and I’m off.”

The first album I bought
Dire Straits – ‘Brothers In Arms’
“I saved up – it was about £7.99 from WH Smith. I really enjoyed it. I also liked Queen. I like the classics.”

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