Soundtrack Of My Life: Iwan Rheon

Game Of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon on what he reckons his character Ramsay Bolton would listen to and more. What a b**tard

The first song I fell in love with
Radiohead – ‘Paranoid Android’
“I was probably about nine or 10 – my brother had ‘OK Computer’ on tape. My music consciousness was starting to grow. I was starting to figure out what I liked and it wasn’t just what other people told you to like and what the charts told you to like. ‘OK Computer’ in general just blew my mind. I thought, ‘Wow, this is different!’”


The first album I bought
Blur – ‘Parklife’
“It was on tape, from ASDA. It was definitely money well spent and the beginning of me not listening to crap! A lot of the bands of that era – Blur and Oasis – got me thinking that I wanted to start playing guitar. It’s quite difficult to find time to do it, but I’m always writing and stuff. At the moment I’m just waiting until I’ve got enough songs to warrant sitting down and making a record.”

The song I can no longer listen to
Duck Sauce – ‘Big Bad Wolf’
“You know that horrible ‘Big Bad Wolf’ song that’s in that advert? That song makes me want to f**king throw the TV out the window.”

The song I do at karaoke
Wilson Pickett – ‘Mustang Sally ‘
“It’s got to be ‘Mustang Sally’. I used to sing in a soul band, so that was
one of my favourites. I very rarely indulge in karaoke, but it’s normally very, very late in the evening when I’ve had a few beers and I really I give it my all and think I’m Otis Redding or something.”


The song that reminds me of my drum’n’bass days
Roni Size / Reprazent – ‘Brown Paper Bag’
“I used to be really into drum’n’bass when I was younger. The Roni Size / Reprazent album was amazing. There was a good drum’n’bass night in Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff and another bar called Moloko where High Contrast used to play. We used to go there all the time.”

The song I associate with my Game of Thrones character
Sex Pistols – ‘Anarchy In The UK’
“He’s kind of a relentless, horrible psychopath – I think he’d be into the old punk rock scene. I think that’s the kind of aggressive music he’d be into. I can’t see him sitting listening to Mozart.”

The song I wish I’d written
Bob Dylan – ‘Hurricane’
“God, there are so many! ‘Hurricane’ is an absolutely wonderful song. It just kind of captivates – I remember the first time I heard it. It’s just that complete story and amazing lyrics, and just an amazing driving chorus.”

The song I want played at my funeral
AC/DC – ‘Highway To Hell’
“I’ve often thought about it. I think maybe it would be ‘Highway to Hell’. It would make everyone laugh, wouldn’t it?”