Soundtrack Of My Life: Jessica Alba

The movie star and mega Bob Dylan fan talks tequila at funerals and screaming for New Kids On The Block

The song that makes me dance
“Just about anything. Just give me a few drinks! I don’t discriminate against anything – I’m all over the place. My sister-in-law had her birthday this weekend and we went dancing.”

The song I want played at my funeral
Traditional – ‘La Charreada’
“That’s so depressing – I want [my funeral] to be like a celebration, so maybe not so depressing. Everyone would have to take shots of tequila, for sure. There’s this mariachi song I grew up listening to that would be good – it’s called ‘La Charreada’.”


The first artist I fell in love with
Bob Dylan
“I listened to the stuff my parents listened to because they listened to cool music. But I guess when I started listening to Bob Dylan and The Beatles that changed my life – Dylan’s such an incredible poet.”

The first gig I went to
New Kids On The Block
“It was at the Rosebowl in Pasadena. I went with my cousins, my aunt and my mom. We were up
in the nosebleeds and I cried and screamed and lost my voice because I was excited.”

The first album I bought
New Kids On The Block – ‘Hangin’ Tough’
“Oh God, what was my first album that I bought? Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’ was the first album that I really loved, but it was probably New Kids On The Block. Joey McIntyre was my favourite member – I think it was because he was the least old one.”


The first song I remember hearing
Peter Gabriel – ‘Shock The Monkey’
“It would have to be something my parents were playing around the house because I just wasn’t playing music when I was little. There was a song called ‘Shock The Monkey’ by… I’m looking it up… Peter Gabriel. That was, like, the first phrase [I spoke].”

The song I can’t get out of my head
Nikki Blonsky – ‘Good Morning Baltimore (from Hairspray)’
“My kids did a Hairspray musical for summer camp and this song was playing non-stop. It’s just stuck in my head and it’s really annoying. But I was just so proud of them – they were so cute.”

The song I do at karaoke
The Beatles – ‘Let It Be’
“I don’t do karaoke. I dance with other people and give people shots to give them courage. I’ve done it, like, twice. Once I was with my family at a Mother’s Day ball and I sang ‘Let It Be’. I was seven and everyone told me that I couldn’t sing and they all joined in because my voice was so bad – a little bit of family humiliation.”

My favourite lyricist
Bob Dylan
“Alicia Keys always has songs, and Rihanna. But I mean, if you talk about real poetry and whatnot, Dylan. Dylan’s the master.”

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