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Bratty rap is pretty easy to do, as is bitter pop. Lady Sovereign and Lily Allen respectively will tell you that . Fury in hip-hop even easier. What’s really hard to nail down, though, is laying your heart open and expressing pain and regret and being heartfelt through rap without coming across as cheesy. As Plan B might agree.

Speech Debelle has it nailed. Listen to ‘Speech Therapy’’s maudlin acoustic guitar and strings for the best melancholy rap since ‘Dry Your Eyes’ and hopefully you’ll agree.

Speech Debelle

It’s no surprise really, she’s a pretty special prospect. My joint favourite for this year’s Mercury (along with The Horrors if the judges get it right) surprised me from my first encounter back in March when she released the excellent ‘The Key’, possibly the best double bass and clarinet-propelled hip-hop track of the year.

This version of ‘Better Days’ sees a special appearance from underground hero Incredubwoy and Rolex-wearer Wiley, who drops perhaps the first permanent tribute to the King Of Pop onto tape with “Michael Jackson rest in peace, your boy is in the mirror”.

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