Did you spot these Arctic Monkeys easter eggs in the ‘Four Out Of Five’ video?

Arctic Monkeys released the music video for ‘Four out of Five’, and it’s full of Monkeys symbolism. The video was shot primarily at Castle Howard in Yorkshire but includes scenes shot on location in Berlin. It’s currently amassed over 15 million views on YouTube, and we bet some of them are you guys poring over the subtle Easter Eggs for fans. Here are the most notable…

The ‘Other’ Alex

Within the music video, Alex can be physically seen to be split between two people, one being clean shaved, reminiscent of the ‘AM era’ Turner, with gelled back hair and a sharp suit and one with a beard looking more rugged and less polished than his ‘opposing’ persona. There has been great speculation that the parallel between the two individuals is demonstrative of the individual Turner talks of in TLSP’s song ‘The Bourne Identity’. The lyrics “I caught you talking to the real me / Can’t tell you how unhappy that shit makes me / If you hear him calling, promise you’ll ignore him /He’s kind of my enemy” from the TLSP song can be seen to parallel the idea of Turner having a split persona in the music video. The cinematic parallel of both individuals looking over the models provides a clear juxtaposition between the individuals and hints and the idea of transition or time between one another.


Furthermore, the comparison between the less polished Alex looking at the model of ‘The Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’ and ‘AM’ Alex looking at the model of the house in which the video was filmed in can be seen to show the transition the band as a whole has taken. The model of the manor house can be seen to represent something older, more impressive and beautiful, where only the outside can be seen. Whereas the model of the TBHC is more intricate and detailed, and the layers of the building are there to be seen. This juxtaposition could be demonstrative of ‘AM’ and ‘TBHC’, with the first popular and impressive but not as deep and open as the newer release from the band.

Red jumpsuits

Red jumpsuits can be seen in abundance during the ‘Four out of Five’ video, presumed to be a reference to that worn by drummer, Matt Helders in the ‘Black Treacle’ video. 

Red Lights

The heavy use of red light within this music video can also be seen to be alluding to the band’s previous work, much like the red jumpsuits. In this case, fans are speculating that the red lights could be nod towards the bands song ‘Red Light Indicate Doors Are Secure’. The red light is mostly included in the video when the character of ‘AM’-era Alex is present, meaning it could be a subtle acknowledgment of the band’s past.

The Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino being built

At the very end of the music video, as Alex drives away from the house, we see a glimpse of what we presume is the construction of the Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino. Fans reckon it’s a nod to the moon landing conspiracy, as the hotel is not actually on the moon, and that it hints to the continuation of this story within further music videos with a small glimpse at what may be to come.

The number 521


The number ‘521’ is seen within the video on the keyring of one of the hotel door keys. This number can be said to have multiple meanings, one of them being the birthday of Turner’s current girlfriend Taylor Bagley’s dog, Tootus, who the entire album is dedicated to. A second meaning circulating online is that the number is 505 – a number associated with the band following the hit single under the same name – plus 16, which is the number of years the band has been together since forming in 2002.

A snatch of a B-side?

The short section of Alex playing the piano at the beginning of the music video can be seen to hint towards a possible B side for ‘Four Out Of Five’ should it ever be released on vinyl. The few notes that Alex plays could be a section of an unheard B-side that they are keeping on lock for now. The piano section could also point towards a new music video of the first song on the new album, Star Treatment, as the last few notes Alex plays are similar to the beginning of the track.

Written by Callie Winch

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