Spotify On Your Mobile – And Offline

Spotify today unveiled the first iteration of their music streaming application on a mobile phone.

A video demo released on Youtube (and viewable below) shows how Spotify’s huge archive of music will soon be ultra-accessible and available even when listeners are offline – say, on the London underground.

Watch the demo of Spotify on a mobile phone:

In a press release, Spotify’s spokesman explained:

“Today is a proud moment for everyone at Spotify as we unveil our very first mobile phone demo at San Francisco’s Google I/O. This is still very much a work in progress and is subject to minor change, but we thought it would be nice to give a little taster of our future plans.

We’ll be announcing further details of this and other mobile app plans in the coming weeks and months.”

Whether Spotify’s revolutionary new business model for music (where music is essentially free to listeners, with Spotify hoping their advertising revenues will foot the ginormous bill owed to the music labels for the right to stream their tracks) will survive is another matter. More on that here: Free Music! But For How Long?

But if this takes off then MP3s will head in the same direction as cassettes, vinyl and CDs – out of homes and into museums. How will Apple cope with no more sales of iPods? Their MP3 player has sold over 100 million units so far – all about to be rendered about as useful as a top hat.

Regardless, here’s hoping that at last, out of the ‘Wild West’ chaos of the internet and illegal file-sharing, a viable way to enjoy music for free and without ripping off artists has finally emerged…

P.S – Did the guy doing the video demo really have a playlist called ‘Funky Shit’ and another called ‘Champagne Evening’? If so, that phone can surely belong to only one man…