Stage Invasions, Prince Marathons And Lurid Tutus – Golden Silvers’ Fly53 NME Radar Tour Diary

The Fly53 NME Radar Tour

Day 1: Oxford

First day of the tour and it’s good to be back out on the road. We’ve upgraded from our old van (Clarissa) to a slightly bigger one with a CD player which allows for Alexis to play Prince’s ‘Dirty Mind’ all the way out to Oxford, which puts us in good spirits. Nice to finally meet all the other bands when we arrive (We have since talked of joining forces to do a song together later on in the tour, so keep your eyes peeled).

The first show couldn’t have been a better start to the tour, a really sweet crowd made it a perfect environment to introduce Tommy (who is helping us with some extra harmonies and bits on this tour) and also to have a first live showing of a new song called ‘Bonebreaker’. We even had a couple of stage invaders on the last song (who we heard got chucked out, sorry if it was you). Anyway, onwards to Sheffield….

What we’ve been listening to:
Shuggie Otis, ‘Inspiration Information’
Jay-Z, ‘The Blueprint 3’
Metronomy , ‘I’m Not Made For Love EP’
Prince, ‘Dirty Mind’

Day 2: Sheffield
Arrived in Sheffield, it’s nice to be back in the steel city. We saw a lot of fresher’s about with fluorescent tutus on, for some reason. The room is tight, which makes for an intimate show, definitely starting to feel more locked in as a four-piece. Only time for a famous pork sandwich from the shop by the Travelodge and then on to Manchester…

What we’ve been listening to:
Man Like Me, ‘MLM’
Bullion, ‘Young Heartache EP’
David Bowie, ‘Let’s Dance’
Sly And The Family Stone, ‘There’s A Riot Going On’