‘Stairway To Heaven’ Cover Reduces Robert Plant To Tears

Remember when Led Zeppelin were honoured by Barack Obama at a ceremony at the White House, tail end of last year? Here’s something I missed at the time, but have just discovered via a friend on Facebook.

Following the ceremony there was a concert at the nearby Kennedy Center, which – in addition to Foo Fighters’ cover of ‘Rock N Roll’ – featured a choir-assisted rendition of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ by Heart’s Nancy and Ann Wilson. The three surviving members of Led Zeppelin were in the audience, as was Obama. Check out Plant’s reaction, which gets increasingly emotional as the song progresses.

Phase one: yeah, this sounds alright I guess.

Phase two: excuse me, I have something in my eye.

Phase three: oh god, blubageddon.

Somewhat less enraptured by the performance is POTUS, who gives the dutiful half-smile of someone who really isn’t feeling this, and has quite a lot of other shit to be doing, tbh.

Still, it’s a great clip. You get used to the idea of Robert Plant as being a nostalgia refusenik, resisting attempts to romanticise Led Zeppelin’s past (he once described endless reunion talk as a “pain in the pisser”). This footage proves that’s not the whole story. There’s something so lovely about seeing a man in his autumn years, being confronted with something he did in his pomp, and being moved to tears of joy.