Star Wars Actor Daisy Ridley Before She Was Famous – See Her Five TV Roles To Date

Daisy Ridley, the British actor who plays one of Star Wars’ new principal protagonists, Rey, was a relative unknown before appearing in the most anticipated film of the millennium. Here we take a look at her five small TV roles before she broke through to the big time.

1. Mr Selfridge – Roxy Starlet (2014)


This clip shows a bunch of Americans arriving at the famous store of Mr Selfridge. Ridley is cast as ‘Roxy Starlet’ – she’s two to the right of the first speaker in the below clip – and gets excited in a thick New York accent about some ‘swell’ garments later on. “I’d like five pairs please, in all your different colours.”

2. Youngers – Jessie (2013)



This E4 show about south-east London teens had Ridley being a prissy music nerd, enthusing about Ludovico Einaudi’s composition ‘Le Onde‘.

3. Silent Witness – Hannah Kennedy (2014)


There aren’t many clips of this online, but Ridley’s character was the friend of a teenage girl found murdered and left in an open grave. Then her character got killed off. Classic Silent Witness, really. In the below clip you can see her sort of smoking.

4. Casualty – Fran Bedingfield (2013)


Easily the bitchiest of Ridley’s parts so far, this one has her laying into her nurse friend for working too hard, owning too many cuddly toys, comfort eating, and studying science. Her boho headband, meanwhile, is totally cool and not to be criticised whatsoever.

5. Toast Of London – Charlotte (2013)



Zany sitcom Toast Of London had Ridley playing the stage hand to Matt Berry’s Steven Toast. In the below clip you can see him tell her the story of one of Britain’s finest actors, who provided a ‘fitting finale’ by shitting himself.