Here’s what Star Wars would be like if Darth Vader was played by Liam Gallagher

That’s enough internet for today

Today in micro Twitter videos that will vastly improve your afternoon, someone has reimagined Star Wars – if Darth Vader was Liam Gallagher.

Vader is easy to dub because you can’t see his lips moving, so really the possibilities of quotes you can replace his lines with are endless. Obviously, it was only a matter of time before someone turned the greatest cinema villain of all time into the sweary Rock and Roll star we all know and love.

“Leave it out, Grandma,” Vader responds when Leia squares up to him. “What the fuck do you know?” He then declares, “I’ve had bigger arguments with me toenails.”


Vader and Gallagher also share a similar admiration for statement outerwear. As Darth Gallagher explains to Leia, “this coat cost £800 English pounds. If you think I’m wearing it once, you’ve got another thing coming.”


Now someone just needs to add Darth Vader quotes to a Liam vid. Internet – please help.