Star Wars Fans Vs Star Trek Fans – Analysis Of Their Online Behaviour Highlights Surprising Differences

With a mere nine days until The Force Awakens parks up in cinemas across the world, Star Trek fans can be forgiven for feeling a little aggrieved at the seemingly-global frenzy over the return of Star Wars.

The rivalry between the diehard factions of each franchise has no doubt intensified in the lead-up to the new film – Comic Con has surely seen an increase in skirmishes between costumed Han Solos and Captain Picards in recent years – with each party claiming their respective film series to be superior.

But what about the warring sets of fans themselves – are they really so different from one another? Well, thanks to the good people at Exponential Interactive, we finally have some answers on that very subject. They’ve provided NME with an intriguing infographic that probes the differences between Star Wars devotees (considered to be “dreamers”) and Star Trek worshippers (“practical”), based on an analysis of the actual online behaviour (rather than survey data) of thousands of British fans.


Here’s how the findings went down – including a definitive judgement on which set of fans are most into actual stars (i.e. astronomy).

Star Wars Vs Star Trek
Credit: Exponential Interactive

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