Stark Wars: these eight iconic Game of Thrones duels are better with lightsabers

Anger leads to hate...

The possible connections between Star Wars and Game of Thrones have yet to be fully explored – there’s something quite Luke and Leia about Jon and Dany’s budding relationship; the prophecies are all over the shop; fan theories about parentage are pretty much everywhere you look.

One connection between the two franchises that seems to have been explored by fans all the way to its core is the abundance of iconic duels. Take, for example, the playfight between Brienne and Arya in episode four of Game of Thrones season 7, which made the internet go crazy, or the one between Brienne and The Hound where we thought someone had died, or the one between Oberyn and The Mountain, after which we thought both had lost their lives. They looked great when we first saw them – they all made our jaws drop. But what happens when you add lightsabers to those standout moments?

Well, it gets ridiculous, obviously, but it somehow also becomes even more dangerous and compelling. And thanks to the video-editing skills of a number of Thrones watchers, now we can see all those fights and more with the added glowing swoosh of lightsaber blades. Enjoy.

1. Arya vs Brienne

2. Brienne vs The Hound

3. The Tower of Joy

4. The Battle of the Bastards

5. Ned vs Jaime

6. Oberyn vs the Mountain

7. Jon vs the White Walker

8. Cleganebowl

If only one of them could just use the Force…