Five lost Star Wars games we wish had been made

The glorious games that could have been – all of them canned

Since 1977, the Star Wars franchise has brought fans eight films, two TV series, and multiple comic books set deep in a galaxy far, far away. As well as all that, there have been multiple games that have allowed fans to experience the Star Wars universe themselves – but not all of them made it to the shelves. Countless games came close: here are five of the most tragically abandoned projects.

1. Imperial Commando

Republic Commando was one of the first games to get behind the mask of Clone Troopers: this first-person shooter allowed players to fight the Clone Wars through the eyes of Delta Squad, a highly renowned squadron within the Clone Army. One idea for a follow-up to the game was to follow Delta Squad in their transformation into Storm Troopers – executing the notorious Order 66 that spelt the end of the Jedi. Another plan was for the sequel to focus on the rise of Rebellion. Unfortunately, the game only ever got to the concept phase.

2. Battlefront 3

This one, in development in the late ’00s, was intended as a prequel to one of the more beloved Star Wars series – Battlefront. Its cancellation hurt a whole lot: 2006’s Battlefront 2 is still highly respected and has a considerable online community. The step-up that Battlefront 3 was to offer was the breaking of the barrier between space fights and ground battles, ultimately leaving it entirely up to the player how to go about winning the battle. The below anonymous leaked footage leaves questions unanswered, and EA eventually relaunched the Battlefront franchise in 2015.

3. Battle of the Sith Lords

Darth Maul is one of the most unknowable characters within the Star Wars universe, and one of the more positive attributes of the prequel trilogy. His death came as premature, with his reintroduction into the Clone Wars TV series feeling quite cheap for some. This game was to explore the training of Maul before Episode I, and was to adapt Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s style of gameplay. The grainy footage below shows what might have been:

4. Star Wars: 1313

Well away from the onscreen universe of Star Wars, 1313 was to delve deep into the underworld of Coruscant – 1313 levels deep, to be exact – with the playable character turning out to be the iconic Boba Fett. As a non-force user, players would have had the chance to explore a variety of different weapons; the trailer showed cinematic qualities and attention to detail that were reminiscent of the hit franchise Gears of War. A real shame it never saw the light of day.

5. First Assault

At first glance this may well have been another Battlefront – influenced somewhat by the Call of Duty franchise. To have that fast-paced first-person multiplayer shooter set in the Star Wars universe is dreamlike to say the least: making this game wholly multiplayer would have meant a top-class online experience with a variety of customisable firepower to choose from. The leaked footage below gives an insight of a map – presumably Tatooine – and showcases the realism the game aimed for:

News from Visceral Games’ RPG set in the Star Wars universe isn’t looking too good either – but it’s not all doom and gloom. Next month sees the release of EA’s Battlefront 2, out November 17th 2017. Check out the latest trailer below.

Words: William Metcalfe