Star6 – Make Awesome Remixes On Your iPhone

“There’s an app for that.” Apple’s answer to a million retarded questions, like ‘how can I pretend to drink a non-existent beer?’ or ‘can i make my phone simulate flatulence?”

Now Steve’s Jobsworths have finally addressed a question worth answering, namely ‘Is it possible to make awesome Baltimore club remixes/psych freakouts/electro bangaz just by waving my iPhone around?’


Star6 is a crazy and colourful new application that allows you to manipulate and molest samples using something called an accelorometer which harnesses the phone’s tilt mechanism. With the flick of a wrist you can now live out your wildest Diplo/Aphex Twin/Tiesto fantasies (models and cocaine not included).

Star6 was designed by Jason Forrest AKA DJ Donna Summer, the Berlin-based US ravelord who knows a thing or two about dancefloor destruction. The instrument lets you change all kinds of technical stuff like jitter, gate and filter, but music production virgins need not be wary. Star6 is easier to pick up than Katie Price after a bucketful of Ibizian sangria.

There are inbuilt sample packs called things like Carnival and Laserflash or you can upload any sound you like and go to town on it. I’ve spent the morning working on a crackhouse remix of Fugazi’s Sieve-Fisted Find. It’s going to be amazing.

You can buy Star6 from iTunes.