Still Not Registered To Vote? You Have Until Midnight Tonight – Here’s What You Need To Do

So if you were registered to vote in the May 2016 elections or the 2015 General Election, you’re all set to get involved in the EU referendum later this month. However, we know that a few million of you are yet to sign up – even if an impressive 226,000 applications to vote were counted by the Electoral Commission on Monday.

Well now things have got serious – you have until midnight tonight (that’s Tuesday June 7) to electronically register, which you can do by clicking on this very link here. Easy, right? Should only take five minutes of your time and then you’ll be able to have your say in not only the future of the UK, but the future of, well, you.

All you need to register is your National Insurance number, passport number and a few more general details about your address and age, which, if you’re anything like us should all be gathering dust in an old suitcase under your bed. Nothing too taxing there.

Then, come June 23 you’ll be able to cast your vote and say whether you want the UK to stay in the European Union or pack up its bags and head off alone. And if you know you’ll not be able to go and vote in person – because you’re at Glastonbury, for example – the only extra thing you need to do is to register for a postal vote using this form. So, one last time – just in case you missed it – here’s where you need to go, Vote well, vote wisely.