Watch Sting react as José Feliciano murders his song

You'll never hear 'Every Breath You Take' the same way again

Imagine writing a world-famous song that sold more than any other in the year it was released: in 2015, the person who did that was Adele, with ‘Hello’, and in 1983 it was Sting with ‘Every Breath You Take’. Now imagine you have to watch your iconic tune played live onstage in front of you, poorly, while cameras are pointed directly at you, tracking your every movement.

This is exactly what happened to Sting at the Polar Music Prize, where earlier this month the Police legend was one of two people being honoured with Sweden’s annual music prize (think of it like a Nobel Prize for music). Before Sting was presented with the award, Puerto Rican guitar legend José Feliciano played a fairly dire cover of ‘Every Breath You Take’ alongside Serbian-born singer Jelena Krstic, and Sting’s reactions are totally priceless. See a GIF taster below, along with the full video.


José Feliciano performs "Every breath you take" at the Polar M…

José Feliciano performs "Every breath you take" at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2017 #polarmusicprize #thepowerofmusic

Posted by Polar Music Prize on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Now, full disclosure, after this was filmed Sting made a proper effort to pay tribute to José Feliciano following his performance of ‘Every Breath You Take’. In his acceptance speech he said: “I’m standing alongside … Mr José Feliciano, whose influence on my own music both as a singer and a guitarist has gone unsaid, until now.”

Such grace.