What If The Stone Roses’ ‘All For One’ Was The Soundtrack For A Hilariously Cheesy 90s Sitcom?

Whatever you were expecting from The Stone Roses’ return, and whatever you make of new track ‘All For One’, you should be able to appreciate the humour in the imaginary opening credits for sitcom parody Family Doesn’t Matters, shared by The Indie Project overnight. ‘All For One’ premiered on Radio 1 last night (May 12) and this skit reimagines it as a theme for a really, really bad 90s sitcom in the vein of the commendably cheesy (and very real) sitcom Family Matters, the opening credits for which you can also see below.

There’s all the hallmarks of terrible 90s sitcom opening sequences – alongside the shots of sped-up traffic in the local town and a zoom-out exterior shot of the garage we have characters doing all the normal things, like:
1. Catching a basketball and turning to smile at camera
2. Pointing awkwardly at the camera
3. Hanging up the phone and pouting at the camera
4. Washing the car in a tight t-shirt and then smiling at the camera
Soon it becomes a lot stranger, though – our characters start
1. Using a frying pan naked, wearing only an apron
2. Wearing BDSM gear
3. Appearing to do homework; actually writing ‘Hail Satan’ in capital letters


We’d probably give it a watch.