Stone Roses Ticket Scrum – How Was It For You?

The office was filled with familiar noises this morning. From 9.30am sharp the air was dense with sighs, screams and language of the flowery variety peppered with frantic keyboard tap tap taps, the slam of a mouse going to meet its maker, and the occasional whoop. It was the time-honoured sound of the early morning ticket scrum, and few of us left it victorious.

The Stone Roses shifted 150,000 tickets in 14 minutes today as thousands clamoured to see King Monkey and co’s “live resurrection” next June at Heaton Park. Prices on eBay shot into the hundreds while their publicity team immediately announced another show on Sunday July 1st.

Stone Roses press conference

How did you fare? Were you lucky enough to get hold of some, or are you currently staring at the ruined remains of the family PC? Are you prepared to shell out top dollar on resold tickets?

And with numerous other shows – including a slot at T In The Park – rumoured to be planned, how important is seeing the first show back?

Let us know. And before you panic here’s some advice from one Roses-obsessed (but currently ticketless) veteran from the office: hold back and head to eBay in the springtime.

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