What is My Stoner Girlfriend, the mysterious thing The 1975’s Matty Healy keeps mentioning?

A clothing line or something more?

If you’re an avid consumer of Matty Healy’s social media accounts, you might be familiar with the name My Stoner Girlfriend. It’s a moniker that’s cropped up in his posts several times and recently reappeared back in October. But what actually is it?

Back in May 2016, The 1975 frontman revealed he was working on his own clothing line with his flatmate and ’75 collaborator Samuel Burgess-Johnson. Months – then years – passed and nothing seemed to happen with it. Then, when website Coup De Main gave him a nudge about it on Twitter, he seemed to resurrect it. “Is this what you guys want?” He asked his Twitter followers. “I’ve just been super busy so have been focused. I will drop the first something if that’s what you guys want.”

Two minutes later, he followed up: “Do yous want the clothes I have been making?” That was two months ago and still we’re none the wiser as to what these clothes are or if they even exist. My Stoner Girlfriend now has a website, but it’s just a landing page that boasts a very rock coat of arms, snake entwining through it. Occasionally the whole thing flashes like something’s about to be revealed, but then it settles back to black and pink or white and green.

If you click on the page, though, something does happen. You’ll be taken to MSG’s Instagram page, which is currently on private. In the bio, it’s described as a “multidisciplinary creative studio”, which, while we get Matty’s got a rep for pretentiousness to uphold, seems a bit of an odd thing to call a clothing line if that’s all it really is.

Another question: is My Stoner Girlfriend, clothing line or not, just Matty’s project? He rarely works on anything alone, always bringing in collaborators here and there, regardless of whether that’s in songs or in the videos for them. Outside of The 1975, he’s directed videos for Pale Waves and Just Banco, produced for The Japanese House and No Rome, and appeared in the latter’s song ‘Narcissist’.

No Rome, in particular, seems to be a favourite of his to work with at the moment. Matty has called the Filipino Dirty Hit signee his “muse”, adding that, when they initially began working together, the up-and-comer’s ideas “were on parallel with everything that me and George [Daniel, The 1975 drummer] were doing.” If they’re creative kindred spirits, it would make sense  for him to rope Rome into whatever he’s up to – especially as we know they’re currently working together on some music (see Instagram above). 

You’re probably thinking we’re reading too much into things, wilfully trying to turn an innocent bash at fashion into something more than it is. But if you’re a 1975 fan you should really know by now not to take anything in their world at face value. There’s always some hidden meaning, some connection to something else, and, maybe, something completely different being obscured behind that website landing page.