Stop Being Luddites About The iPhone 7 – Wireless Headphones Are The Future

Apple is popular because their products have always been uncomplicated. Their products are user-friendly, they don’t get viruses, they don’t have an overwhelming number of unnecessary and ugly buttons. Even your nan can use an iPhone. It’s simple.

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The tech giant has drawn a stupid amount of criticism from users in the last few days for its decision to simplify its product further by doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack for its new iPhone 7. These changes make it both slimmer and water-resistant, but people are still fuming that they can no longer use the headphone jack. Oh no! How are we going to play our cassette tapes now?!

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It’s still possible to use wired headphones with the new model, but to do so users may need to use an adaptor that plugs into the phone’s lightning port. A lot of the criticism is based around the fact that, as a result, users of the iPhone 7 will no longer be able to charge their phone while listening to music with wired headphones. There are plenty of workarounds to this, though…

1. Get a Bluetooth headphone adaptor

If you really love your wired headphones that much, there are plenty of Bluetooth headphone adaptors you can use to keep them in use. This device syncs with your iPhone and you plug your wired headphones into the Bluetooth adaptor, rather than the phone – which means you can still charge your phone while listening to music. The adaptor also has a charge cable, so you can charge that at the same time.


2. Get some Bluetooth headphones

This summer, Bluetooth headphone sales surpassed others for the first time in the US – proof that wireless listening is becoming the new normal. By 2020 we’ll probably have forgotten that going wireless was ever an issue. There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones on the market, some of them better than others, and the best ones are admittedly pretty expensive. But it makes everything so much easier: no more untangling the Gordian earphone knot that’s formed in your pocket every time you want to listen to music. No more cables that snap within six months of use. As long as you get the right model, the sound quality is just as good as your wired headphones, if not better. According to Trusted Reviews, Bose’s noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones – QuietComfort 35 – are currently the best on the market:

3. Get Apple’s AirPods

This is always an option, if you’re willing to shell out $159 (about £120) for them. These are actually designed for your Apple devices, and they have a lot of cool features that might win you round. They magnetically clip back into a charging case the size of a pack of dental floss, so you don’t need to worry about losing them. They automatically pause music when you take one of them out of your ear. You can accept calls with them and double-tap them to use Siri with them. Plus, they use a mix of Bluetooth and Apple’s own technology to create what Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice-president of worldwide marketing, called a “magical experience”.

4. Stop whining and get a different type of phone



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