Here’s all your favourite celebrities having fun in the snow

In the words of Alexa Chung, at least there's no P.E.

The British Isles have been hit by a light dusting of snow. Our entire nation – 65 million people – can speak exclusively on the topic of snow for at least the next 2.5 days. Just… Look at the snow! There’s so much of it! It’s so pretty! It… it has also delayed everyone’s journey home by three hours. Snow is cancelled.

Still, with the advent of social media, snow, its pros and cons, potential snow-based activities and the appearance of snow can all be discussed ad nauseam online – and celebs are no exception. Here’s what the entertainment world has been getting up to in the white stuff.

Michael Dapaah, AKA Big Shaq, is NOT over it:


Wolf Alice Theo wants to get headfirst into the snow:

Joe Sugg really wants a grit lorry:

Jeremy Corbyn got out his snowballs:


Wild Front just bloody love soup:

Alexa Chung is glad there’s no P.E:

Fickle Friends are making snow puns, but mainly just wanna be loved:

Ms Banks is considering hibernation:

Nigella is taking #SnowSelfies:

Huw Stephens got Jon Snow out in the snow to talk about snow:

Meanwhile, Glasto chief Michael Eavis continues to wear shorts. #Lad:

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