Stormzy: Five Amazing Things At The Thorpe Park Birthday Party Wishing Made Happen

In June, Stormzy tweeted about what would be a dream birthday party for a lot of people – namely taking over Thorpe Park and holding a big party there with all of his mates. Last week, he tweeted again: “”Soooo my gs… You know how I wanted to go Thorpe Park for my birthday? Well I’ve managed to get the whole damn park to myself”.

Lucky, lucky boy. Over 50,000 fans entered for the chance to attend #StormzyBirthdayBash, with 200 winners picked at random to join the south London MC and friends like Section Boyz and Wretch 32 in testing their nerves on the likes of Saw and Stealth. Riding rollercoasters may have been the focus of the day, but it looks like there were a lot of other highlights at the party too, which, by the way, also had it’s very own Snapchat filter. Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Adidas goodie bags
Party bags are sadly few and far between in the adult birthday party world, but if you were lucky enough to have made it to Thorpe Park yesterday you’d have been gifted an extra special one. Each of Stormzy’s guests received an Adidas goodie bag with custom Stormzy swag, including special t-shirts made to commemorate the event. A strong move.


A photo posted by Harry Lavell (@harrylavell) on Jul 26, 2016 at 4:34pm PDT

The ridiculously detailed birthday cake
No matter how much love your mum puts into slathering icing and sweets over your next birthday cake, it will never compare to the one Stormzy received. It featured a (presumably fondant) version of himself stood next to an Adidas shoebox (of course), on top of which sat an Adidas hat and a tape. On the “floor”, more tapes and CDs were scattered, and, just in case you weren’t quite sure who the cake was for, the rapper’s name in bright red letters.

For 200 people, though, that would never be enough. So there was also a cake made up like a gold record, a cake of the Adidas logo, and a globe with #merky on top.

Bare cake!!! @stormzyofficial #stormzybirthdaybash

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Free #MERKY burgers for all
Back in March, Stormzy tweeted Nando’s recommending they serve a burger comprised of halloumi and garlic bread. They responded with a mocked up menu with a #MERKY burger listed as a choice. Great news, although you couldn’t actually order it in a restaurant. The rapper still loves the chicken chain so much that he got them to cater his party, with every attendee getting a “chicken cheque” they could swap for some peri peri goodness. Listed on the options of available food? Yes, at long bloody last, an IRL #MERKY burger. Maybe the Stormzy for PM campaign should become more than a bit of Twitter banter – the man certainly knows how to make things happen.

The balloons spelling out “merky”
No birthday party is complete without some form of balloons and whoever was organising Stormy’s party obviously wasn’t going to make such an amateur mistake and forget them. Nope, they did something even better than just grabbing your average 50 pack of multicoloured balloons from Tesco – they spelt out “merky” in massive gold helium letters.

#merky party bags at #stormzybirthdaybash

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The surprise gig at the end
After all that riding round on rollercoasters, filling up on chicken and looking like he was having the best birthday in the history of birthdays, Stormzy still wasn’t done. To finish things off, there was a surprise gig featuring a whole host of his mates (Section Boyz, Novelist, Santandave, Nadia Rose, AJ Tracey, Big Tobz and Big Zuu) and, of course, the man himself. By the looks of his Snapchat, things got a bit chaotic in the most FOMO-inducing way.


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