Meet Deno, The Kid Plucked From Obscurity To Appear On Stormzy’s Album

Question: how, in just two weeks, do you go from school kid to featured artist on a red-hot rapper’s upcoming album? Answer: post a few Instagram clips of yourself singing in the the playground. Seriously, on recent evidence, it appears to be that simple.

At least, it was for the young singer who calls himself @DenoDriz. The schoolboy has found internet fame by posting clips of himself crooning in the playground, and has now picked up work with Stormzy, aka Michael Omari, the 22-year-old MC who’s become one of the biggest names of the grime revival.

Man, Deno’s smooth.


A video posted by #YoungKing (@denodriz) on Apr 18, 2015 at 1:59am PDT


That clip was posted almost a year ago, and you can see Deno’s popularity beginning to gather pace. Then there’s a big gap between video posts, but this comeback clip, posted three weeks ago, is an absolute belter.

BLACKZ, WHAT THEY TALKING ABOUT ~ @blackz_sho @wavey_astar @imjustbait #imjustbaitsing

A video posted by #YoungKing (@denodriz) on Mar 6, 2016 at 1:10pm PST

But it was this ultra-cool number, posted a fortnight ago, that gathered 10,000 likes and turned Deno into a viral superstar.

GEKO, OVER & UNDER ~ @realgeko @_.jmn.15 @manlykmicz @zubayr_zb @imjustbait

A video posted by #YoungKing (@denodriz) on Mar 9, 2016 at 9:17am PST

That’s when Stormzy got in on the action.

The ‘Shut Up’ rapper clearly managed to track Deno down, as he recently tweeted this snap of them together in the studio.


What have we learned here? That social media is a true meritocracy, an egalitarian utopia where talent alone is enough to get you through. Also, there are schools in the UK where you can croon in the playground and somehow not be the least popular kid in class.

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