Stormzy just arranged everyone’s dream 10th birthday party – with 200 fans

What are you doing on July 26th? That’s right, you’re going to Thorpe Park with Stormzy. The ‘Shut Up’ rapper has invited us all to celebrate his 23rd birthday with a trip to the Surrey theme park. All he asks is that you bring “good vibes and packed lunch and speakers”. Come on now, don’t act you’re holding out for a better offer – it simply does not exist.

It started in quite a low-key way


Which piqued the interest of his fans

And things escalated from there


Which seems to have given Stormzy pre-party jitters

Though he soon got excited again

Even if he did add a caveat

Sorry, lil jars, you’re not invited.

But at least Thorpe Park are down with the idea

And it’s easy to see why Stormzy’s so into it

July 23: the height of summer. Your knees are wobbly from your third ride of the day on Stealth, having been rocketed 205ft in less than two seconds at 80mph. But you’re okay; Stormzy has put an arm around you and you’re more deeply happy than ever. What a legend he is. The man deserves a knighthood, or at least a hot chocolate and a panini to go.