‘Stranger Things’: New video shows how the Demorgorgon was brought to life

On the outside, the first season of Stranger Things appeared to be about of a bunch of happy-go-lucky kids trying to solve a perplexing mystery. Kind of like Scooby Doo, but instead of The Mystery Machine they had choppers and BMXs. As we all found out, the kids were actually harnessing squad member Eleven’s supernatural powers, and putting to use their street-smarts and will power to take on the Demogorgon – a dimension-crossing creature that gave even the most grown-up of us the heebie-jeebies. 

As the crew set about preparing Season 2 of Stranger Things, Spectral Motion – the team behind the monster – have been sharing behind-the-scenes pictures and videos detailing the entire process behind their ghastly creation.

First off, meet Mark Steger, the man who squeezed into the real life suit for the role, and then witness how with a bit of CGI, it was transformed into being one of the blood-curling things to grace our screens in 2016.


Midnight Pulp – Meet the man behind Stranger Things’… | Facebook

Meet the man behind Stranger Things’ #Demogoron Shoutout to Spectral Motion for their amazing practical effects!


Spectral Motion – The creative process behind the Stranger… | Facebook

The creative process behind the Stranger Things Demogorgon.

Then take a look see the top animatronic work that went into crafting that terrifying mouth that consumed our beloved Barb.

Spectral Motion – A movement test of the animatronic… | Facebook

A movement test of the animatronic Demogorgon head from Stranger Things.

We don’t know whether the creature will somehow make it back into the next set of episodes, but now we’ve seen how it’s all made – we’re not scared anymore, right? Guys?