This Incredible Lego ‘Stranger Things’ Remake Is Even More Nostalgic Than The Original

YouTubers Bookshelf Productions have recreated the show in bricks and minifigures


The ’80s nostalgia of Stranger Things season one was one of the show’s greatest strengths, but it’s almost more effective in Lego format. In the video above, the show’s highlights are re-created with Lego bricks in stop motion, and the creators, Bookshelf Productions, have clearly been digging through their collections of vintage bricks to get the ’80s look perfectly spot on.


All the major scenes are there, including that first bicycle ride home where Will goes missing, the epic car flip, and Will’s message in the Christmas lights: “R-U-N”.

Eleven’s meal at the burger joint is also thrown in, but sadly fries don’t fit in her Lego claws, so she has to wave around a pretzel instead.

2016’s favourite hair icon, Cool Steve, ditches the ‘70s Lego man side sweep in favour of his ridiculous pompadour and a black leather jacket.


That’s him on the far left, with his smug little face.

Bookshelf Productions nailed the facial expressions of the show’s characters. For example, here are Dustin’s adorable dimples.

And Joyce Byers’ ‘don’t fuck with me’ face.

Oh hey, Barb.

The whole thing is soundtracked by the real audio from the TV show, for added authenticity.

There’s only one tiny error. Dustin is wearing a t-shirt featuring the classic Lego minifigure ‘Spaceman’. However, the Spaceman figure came out in 1984, a whole year after the first season of Stranger Things is set.

At least he brought snacks.

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