The Coloured Vinyl ‘Stranger Things’ OST Variations Will Make You Drool Like A Demogorgon

On October 28, Netflix’s sci-fi hit Stranger Things will drop the first volume of its acclaimed original score on vinyl – and given the series is set in the ’80s, that can only enhance the experience of listening to the spooky synths and a helping of eerie atmospherics cooked up Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of US band S U R V I V E.

Here’s the cool part: they’ve pressed the soundtrack in a number of colourful variations, which will have you drooling and slobbering like the Demogorgon eyeing up Barb.

Which one you get depends which record shop or retailer you hit up, you can get your hands on  of exclusive designs. From Urban Outfitters you can get the ‘Coke Bottle Clear Look’, and US bookshop Barnes and Noble have the stunning ‘Red White w/Black Swirls’ and more. But remember this; the current release is merely the first volume of the soundtrack, so you’d best believe there will be more ace vinyl to come.


Check out all the designs below and head to Vinyl Daily to discover just how you can get your hands on these very limited runs..

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