Stream Girl Band’s Violent And Deranged New Track ‘I Love You’

‘I Love You’? Have 2014’s most unforgiving and uncompromising newcomers, four Dublin troublemakers whose slurring noise-rock brutalises convention as much as it does eardrums, turned over a gooey new leaf with this schmaltzily-titled track? Don’t panic. Girl Band are just as loud and nihilistic on this B-side to new single ‘De Bom Bom’ as we’ve come to expect from them, pounding through two minutes and 25 seconds of deranged moans about shady KGB conspirators and Albini-ish chainsaw guitars. Business as usual for the Irish group then, and by the sounds of it, business is booming – rumour has it some of Britain’s biggest indie imprints are tussling to release their debut album, expected late this year. And rightly so, as ‘I Love You’ (a Beat Happening cover) proves. The feeling’s more than mutual, Girl Band.

‘De Bom Bom’ is released next Monday (September 1).