Stream New Savages Track ‘City’s Full’

Savages are streaming ‘City’s Full’ the lead track from their’ ‘I Am Here’ EP. They’re probably the most exciting live band to come out this year and you can feel their highly-strung electricity on this track. It was recorded in Nottingham, Bodega. We love it. Check it out below.


Here’s what they say:

Savages’ intention was to create a sound, indestructible and musically solid, written for the stage, designed with enough nuances to provide a wide range of emotions. Savages are a self-affirming voice to help experience our girlfriends differently, our husbands, our jobs, our erotic life, and the place music occupies into our lives. Savages’ songs aim to remind us that human beings haven’t evolved so much, that music can still be straight to the point, efficient and exciting